Lattice Quad Block

4 pinch sizes that train all the key flexor and extensor muscles plus a 30mm edge; the first Lattice product to be made from anodised aluminium. Show more >
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Lattice Quad Block

The Lattice Quad Block's 4 pinch sizes train the key forearm and hand flexor and extensor muscles used in climbing, allowing you to build a solid foundation of pinch strength using just 4 grip types. Simply attach weights and effectively train wide, narrow, deep, and shallow pinches with this one tool. It also features a 30mm edge for beginners, rehabbing injured fingers, or for use as part of a no-hang training set-up.

The Quad Block is Lattice's first grip trainer to be made from anodised aluminium. This material is more durable than the standard wood used in most other training grips, and it provides more consistent surface friction for more accurate results and effective training.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS13 × 12 × 11 cm


Quad Block

• Unlimited access to My Pinch Testing and accompanying report to identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Anodised aluminium finish
• Mechanical depth stops make it intuitive to consistently test and train
• Large radius edge is ergonomic and kind to the skin
• Positive grips have been used to reduce reliance on surface friction and standardise results
• Four key pinch grips for targeted training

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Quad Block
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