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Beal Zest Quickdraw

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The Beal Zest is a sport climbing and big wall quickdraw with strength, durability, and a lighter weight suited for longer routes. The Zest Quickdraw uses two different... Show more >
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Beal Zest Quickdraw

The Beal Zest is a sport climbing and big wall quickdraw with strength, durability, and a lighter weight suited for longer routes. The Zest Quickdraw uses two different ‘biners of Beal’s: on the bolt-end is the Star Gate, with a straight gate to prevent wear when clipping into bolts and a keylock nose to prevent snagging when unclipping; on the rope-end is the Cosmo Wire, featuring an ergonomic shape, a wired gate, and a “Rubbiner” retainer to make the clipping of the rope easier and smoother. Thick sling for easier handling.

Tech specs

WEIGHT(11 cm) 95 g, (17 cm) 101 g
GATE OPENING[Star Gate] 19 mm, [Cosmo Wire] 26 mm
MAJOR AXIS STRENGTHStar Gate] 25 kN, [Cosmo Wire] 25 kN
MINOR AXIS STRENGTH [Star Gate] 7 kN, [Cosmo Wire] 8 kN
OPEN GATE STRENGTHStar Gate] 8 kN; [Cosmo Wire] 7 kN


Zest Quickdraw

Full Features List

• Durable, lightweight, smooth quickdraw for sport climbing and big wall
• Star Gate on the bolt-end for strength and durability, with a keylock nose
• Cosmo Wire on the rope-end with an ergonomic shape to facilitate rope clipping
• Rubbiner systems helps to maintain the ‘biner in its correct axis
• 16mm sling for optimal grip

6 product reviews

Average rating

Zest Quickdraw
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Great Product

easy to use and ergonomic. I got a load of these for indoor and they've been perfect.

Best in test

I ordered two each (short & long) of the following quickdraws to see which one I would eventually go with:
Beal Zest
Petzl Djinn Axess
Black Diamond Posiwire
Black Diamond Positron

I went with the Beal. Really like the feel and design, clipping the draw is just so natural with the curved backbone. 10/10

BEAL Glory!!

Value for money, great action and easy clipping. I bought a few of these in the 17cm option for a project I was working on. I have since found I am using this BEAL draws on every multi pitch I am on, deferentially a workhorse draw.

Amazing quality for the price!

I got 10 of the 17cm version of these for my first set and I have to say, they are performing much, much better than I thought they would given their price.

The usability is comparable to draws twice the price. The shape and feel of the biners is incredible. The smooth finish on the biners along with the divets on the straight gait make popping these bad boys on the wall a breeze and a half! On top of all that, they're remarkably light.

one thing to note is that the dogbones are slightly more akin to that of an alpine/trad draw, which plays to an overall versatility well suited the sport climber who does the occasional trad line. Definitely not super stiff.

Overall I'm ecstatic about these things and couldn't recommend them enough!

nice, smooth and light

I bought one to test and at the next order I re-order it !
It has a nice feel, carabiner is wide enough for a comfy clip and the combination of a solid gate/wire gate is the ideal option for me for any kind of climbing -both sport and multi-pitch.

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