DMM Wire Torque Nuts Singles

Wired version of classic hexes allowing for greater control when placing and to resist cutting from ice axes. Sold as singles. Show more >
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DMM Wire Torque Nuts Singles

The DMM Wire Torque Nuts are a wired version of the classic hexes. Wire instead of extendable slings make for easier placements above the head, as well as being more durable against accidental cutting with ice axes in winter. Designed to be used to protect parallel cracks, the DMM Wire Torque nuts can be used many different positions to help you find the perfect placement orientation. Especially useful in winter where cams are unable to grip wet or icy parallel cracks.

Tech specs

KEYColour, Strength, Weight, Range
#1Green, 12kN, 69g, 31 / 41mm
#2Red, 12kN, 86g, 36 / 49mm
#3Gold, 12kN, 114g, 44 / 59mm
#4Blue, 12kN, 161g, 54 / 71mm

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Wire Torque Nuts Singles
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