Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD

The Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD is an award-winning waterproof, extremely lightweight and agile mountaineering boot designed for speed ascents, warm-weather mountaineering, hard trekking, and technical alpinism. Features an OutDry® waterproof lining and a Sock-Fit Plus performance-fit inner. Show more >
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Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD

The technical performance of a mountaineering boot with the comfort, lightness, and agility of an alpine running shoe. The Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD is designed for the mountaineer or alpinist looking to get from the valley floor to the summit as quickly as possible. The crampon-compatible sole, featuring the Vibram® MONT compound formulation with the low-profile Pentax Precision III, delivers the grip, traction, and thrust of a mountain boot with the nimbleness and fluidity of a trail running shoe. The Sock-Fit Plus inner strips the ankle section down to just the integrated gaiter and connects it to the tongue of the shoe. This enhances the ankle's range of motion and achieves a sock-like, responsive, and sensitive feel of the shoe for the best precision and agility on technical terrain. For weather-protection, the Ribelle Tech OD features OutDry® technology. Unlike traditional waterproof-breathable technologies, this material has no gaps or seams where water and snow can enter, creating a fully watertight seal. The Lace Protection Cover is open a closed via a velcro closure and protects the shoes from abrasion on rock and snagging on crampon points. Waterproof, highly comfortable, and extremely lightweight and agile, the Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD is for any mountaineer or alpinist looking to move as fast as possible in the mountains.

Tech specs

SOLEVibram® MONT / Pentax Precision III
MIDSOLELight PU Midsole
UPPERKCN TECH fabric / Microtech Water-Resistant+S-Tech
LININGStretch Textile + Outdry Lamination


Ribelle Tech OD

• Winner of the ISPO 2017 "Product of the Year"award
• OutDry® technology has no seams or gaps where water can enter the fabric
• Pentax Precision III sole uses a low-profile to improve agility on mountain terrain
• Vibram® MONT compound is designed for ascending the highest peaks on Earth
• Lace Protection Cover protects the laces from rock abrasion and crampon points
• Speed Lacing with Bi-component loops uses auto-lubricating plastic for rapid lacing
• Sock-Fit Plus: a one-piece tongue and gaiter for a sock-like, performance fit

Ribelle Tech OD

OutDry®: Water Not Included

OutDry® is waterproof-breathable technology with an impenetrable layer that is heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric, leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in. Compare that to traditional waterproof technology: water gets in and stays in, collecting in the space between the inner and outer layers, making them heavy and wet. OutDry improves fit and dexterity, keeping you drier, lighter, and more comfortable.

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Ribelle Tech OD
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