Patagonia R1 Hoody

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The Patagonia R1 Hoody is made from super-lightweight Polartec Power Grid fleece, and is versatile, adaptable and comfortable, as well as highly breathable and ... Show more >
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Patagonia R1 Hoody

The Patagonia R1 Hoody is made from super-lightweight Polartec Power Grid fleece, and is versatile, adaptable and comfortable, as well as highly breathable and warm. The Patagonia R1 Hoody, now available in a fresh new colour, is the most lightweight fleece in the Regulator family, and works best as part of a layering system for climbing, hiking or mountaineering (but can also be worn on its own in warmer climates). Featuring a deep chest zip, a slim fit and an almost balaclava-like hood, it’ll do a great job at keeping you warm, dry and protected, with the added bonus of Polygiene Permanent Odour control to stop it stinking after a hard day's work.

Tech specs

MATERIALSBody: 6.3oz Polartec Power Grid (93% recycled Polyester, 7% Spandex). Cuffs: 3.8oz Polartec Power Grid (91% polyester (30% recycled), 9% Spandex).
POCKETSOne zip-up chest pocket.


R1 Hoody

Patagonia’s Regulator Fleece

Patagonia’s Regulator fleece is designed to be ultra-light and packable, but still provide the same protection and thermal efficiency as bulkier fleeces. The Regulator series utilises four different fabric weights, making use of Polartec’s Thermal Pro, High Loft and Power Grid fleeces, ergonomically combining them to create a collection of the most thermally efficient, packable mid-layers for a range of different temperatures and activities.

R1 Hoody

100% Recycled Polyester

Patagonia use plastic bottles, old fleeces and manufacturing waste to make recycled polyester products, and have been since 1993. Polyester is really hard to dispose of cleanly, so recycling it means less waste, less pollution, and less greenhouse gasses than making it from scratch, but the same Patagonia quality and durability. Most of Patagonia’s products contain some form of recycled polyester, make sure you take a look at the Tech Specs to find out which!

R1 Hoody

Polartec Power Grid

Polartec Power Grid utilises a patented grid structure to create super-warm base layers with reduced weight and bulk, allowing you to work harder and sweat less. The grid structure increases the thermal properties of the fabric by creating air channels that efficiently disperse and redistribute moisture build-up quicker than any other fabric.

R1 Hoody

Polygiene® Odour control

Polygiene Odour Control is an antibacterial fabric coating used in Patagonia’s base-layers, made from recycled silver products. Its antibacterial properties stop your base-layers from smelling, meaning you can wear them for longer and wash them less, which gives the planet a little helping hand, too. Polygiene is a large-particle substance so it can’t be absorbed by your skin, and doesn’t mess with your body’s natural sweat system. Plus, it’s permanent, so its performance won’t decrease over time, and its antibacterial properties, combined with less washing, mean that Polygiene-treated products last longer.

R1 Hoody


Bluesign is an international standard for fabric production which ensures that stringent environmental, safety, and efficiency standards are met by any fabric bearing its logo. Bluesign fabrics use fewer chemicals, less water, safer processes, and highly efficient manufacturing techniques to ensure that the creation of your new jacket, rope, or backpack doesn’t destroy the world you use it in.

R1 Hoody

Patagonia’s Apparel Warranty

Patagonia offer an ‘Ironclad Warranty’ which means if you’re dissatisfied with the performance of a product at the time of purchase or afterwards, or if it breaks unexpectedly, they will provide a free exchange, refund or repair. They will also repair damage from wear and tear for a reasonable price, and have a section of their website that shows you to repair your own clothing, so there’s no need to unnecessarily buy new gear.

R1 Hoody

Patagonia’s Environmentally Friendly Business Plan

Right from the start, Patagonia has been at the forefront of environmentally friendly production, and are still one of the only companies in the world that offer a completely transparent supply chain to anyone who cares to look. They are constantly experimenting and developing new ways to bring us durable and sustainably produced clothing - recycled polyester, organic cotton, traceable down, responsibly sourced merino and undyed cashmere are all common materials in the Patagonia catalogue. As well as using the best materials and production methods for the planet, Patagonia also make sure every one of their employees is treated fairly, from the shop floor to factories all over the world. And they donate a percentage of their yearly profits to environmental initiatives and community projects in many different countries.

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R1 Hoody
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Best hoodie for climbing

Perfect for layering, great piece of gear for all around mountaneering. Use it in winter, spring and even in summer.
Perfect for rock climbing as well.

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