Sea to Summit Duffle

The Sea to Summit Duffle is an expedition-grade duffle bag for hauling large amounts of gear. It's extremely durable yet designed to be as comfortable as possible to carry. Available in Blue, Charcoal, or Red colours and 45, 65, or 90 litre volumes. Show more >
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Sea to Summit Duffle

The Sea to Summit Duffle is an expedition-grade duffle bag for hauling gear. It's designed to be the most durable and versatile and comfortable backpack on the market. The padded base and lid protects your gear against impacts and provides comfort when wearing the duffle as a backpack. The heavy-duty zipper won't break under tension so you can pack the bag to its limits without worrying. External compression straps keep your gear compact and easy to carry, and lashing points let you attach extra bits of gear to the outside of the bag.

Tech specs

WEIGHT(45L) 1.45Kg, (90L) 1.85Kg




• Large lid makes packing much easier, as well as allowing fast access to gear
• Magnets in centre of handles keep them together when the bag is put down
• Air mesh on the underside of handles for cushioning
• The handles narrow at the natural grip point for comfort
• Padded lid cushions duffle contents against the user’s back
• Ladderlock buckles on the straps allow quick and easy adjustment
• Handle straps are secured with wiregate hooks for quick adjustment of carry option
• Padded lid and base protect the contents of your duffle from impact
• The dual zipper features two rows of teeth for increased strength and puncture resistance
• External compression straps and lash loops

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