Ice Rock Idol

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The Ice Rock Idol, at 188g, is officially the lightest ice axe in the world, made from the best possible materials and winner of the ISPO BRANDNEW award for its... Show more >
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Ice Rock Idol

The Ice Rock Idol, at 188g, is officially the lightest ice axe in the world, made from the best possible materials and winner of the ISPO BRANDNEW award for its staggering combination of function and quality, lightness and durability.

The Ice Rock Idol has been designed for ski touring, free ride, and any mountaineering activity where weight plays a crucial role. Its astonishing weight is the result of using the highest-grade materials. Thermally-insulating, shock-absorbing carbon fiber, a material that is lighter, stronger, and has a better weight-to-load ratio than aluminium alternatives, ensures maximum comfort for your hands. The adze is fully titanium, and the spike is aircraft-grade aluminium with a titanium tip, providing the maximum strength and durability in key areas without sacrificing on lightness.

In an axe which weighs the equivalent of a steel carabiner, this is one ice axe that won't be holding you back the next time you climb.

Tech specs

SHAFT MATERIALCarbon-fiber (Type 1)
SPIKE MATERIALAircraft-grade aluminium
ADZE AND TIP (SPIKE)Titanium Alloy



Carbon-fibre Shaft

Ever wanted a nice, big, warm shaft to hold? Wait a minute - what we're trying to say is that carbon-fibre shafts retain heat much more efficiently than aluminium alternatives, so your hands will stay warmer when gripping your favourite member. It is also more efficient at dampening vibrations, with a better weight-to-load ratio, for maximum hand comfort and superior swinging power.

This ice axe's carbon shaft has a monocoque structure with the head at its end. The modern design of the head ensures both “European” (adze forward) and “American” (pick forward) styles of gripping.


Variable Cross-section

The variable cross-section facilities the even distribution of load and ensures the axe can withstand extreme forces under dynamic load.


Curved Shape

The curved shape of the tool protects hands from touching the surface of the slope and does not impede when walking or making snow anchor.


Top-spec Production Materials

Titanium adze and tip
Aircraft-grade aluminium spike
Carbon fiber shaft
Steel alloy pick


ISPO Brand New Winner - Winter 2015/16

"Our Company, after achieving great success with the ice-axe ‘IDOL’ at the OutDoor-2014 in Germany, took a decision to enter the ISPO BRANDNEW competition. The tool was highly appreciated for its quality and functionality, and it was awarded the first prize in the category ‘Hardware winter’. Ice Rock has become the first Russian company ever to win this competition. Now we have great expectations of our trip to Munich in February 2015, where we plan to exhibit together with the other winners." - Ice Rock

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