Problemsolver Station

Portable hang board that can be used with inserts and add-on holds to create a truly personalised set up depending on your level and training goals. Show more >
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Problemsolver Station

The Problemsolver Station is a portable fingerboard that allows you to add and modify holds to create a truly personalised set up, whether at home or at the crag. The Station's four finger holds can be used with Problemsolver's inserts to decrease the size of the holds, allowing you to create an edge that's the perfect size for your training or warm up needs, and you can also use their add-on holds which include rungs (they can make the front holds bigger or can be used on the back as an extra hold), pinches, and half domes. Truly a portable fingerboard that allows you to progress how you want to instead of limiting you to a certain set of holds.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS436 x 112 x 30 mm
MATERIALEuropean ash


• 2 adjustable straps with metal plates
• Centre mounting point for one strap use at the crag or with a door anchor
• Tilt the board using the metal plate, to make it easier to hang
• Can also be hung with accessory cord

• 24 + 18 + 14 mm holds
• Two finger pockets
• Centre hold for one arm hangs
• All four finger holds are compatible with Problemsolver Inserts

• Add-on rung: 12 mm and 16 mm (not included)
• Attach on the front of the board, to make the holds bigger
• Attach on the back for an extra size, compatible with our inserts
• Other add-on holds: Pinches, Half domes in different sizes

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