Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Hybrid

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The Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Hybrid is an affordable yet versatile training board that'll help you improve your strength and endurance for all types of climbing. Show more >
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Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Hybrid

Whether you're sport climbing, bouldering or trad climbing, the Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Hybrid is the training board for you. Not only is it affordable, it also offers a range of different textures, grips, pockets and slopers designed to help build your climbing strength and endurance. A special mounting system means the Spinchboard Solo Hybrid can be flipped upside down - from easy mode to hard mode - miking it ideal for warming up for longer training sessions. This also means each pocket has for different levels of difficulty, giving you a massive range of challenges for such a compact training board. The combination of skin-friendly wood and more challenging resin holds means you can train for longer and take it as hard or as easy as you like. An excellent first training board for climbers who want to take training seriously.

AND for the environmentally conscious, the rubberwood the Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Hybrid is made from comes from a sustainable, renewable source!


Spinchboard Solo Hybrid

At a Glance

- Reliable, challenging PU resin slopers, combined with ergonomic skin-friendly wooden pockets for long training sessions.
- Switch between easy and hard mode by flipping it upside down
- 4 levels of slopers
- 4 levels of difficulty per pocket type
- Two-bolt or screw-on mounting


- 1 piece- hybrid trainingboard
- 2 x M10 bolts , 2 x T-nuts, 6 x screws and 6 x plugs

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Spinchboard Solo Hybrid
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Highly Recommend

This fingerboard is awesome. It looks good and fixing it was relatively easy. It is light and compact and has two different levels of difficulty. Price is also affordable.
In the package there was also a very cute key holder.
I decided on getting a fingerboard at home, because I am expecting a child. I am having less and less time. Since training at gym is becoming more difficult, I thought of ways to keep training. With this fingerboard I can train at home and improve my climbing level. I definitely recommend it for anyone who has a limited amount of time. Good luck with your training!

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