Beastmaker Beastmaker 1000 Series Fingerboard

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The Beastmaker 1000 is the ultimate progression orientated fingerboard for all climbers who want to train to the next level. Whether you are a beginner climber ... Show more >
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Beastmaker Beastmaker 1000 Series Fingerboard

The Beastmaker 1000 is the ultimate progression orientated fingerboard for all climbers who want to train to the next level. Whether you are a beginner climber or a season pro, the Beastmaker 1000 has an high quality, ergonomic design to enhance your training. The fine texture of the wood is kind to your skin, while the board itself has plenty of varying pocket depths so you can really work on your finger game. The Beastmaker 1000 is hand-built from sustainable North American tulipwood and comes with screws for easy and sturdy mounting. A classic fingerboard for getting you stronger.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS58cm x 15cm


Beastmaker 1000 Series Fingerboard

What the Beastmaker 1000 Consists of

2 Jugs
35 Degree Slopers
20 Degree Slopers
1 Very Deep 4 Finger Pocket
2 Deep 4 Finger Pockets
2 Deep 3 Finger Pockets
2 Deep 2 Finger Pockets
2 Medium 4 Finger Pockets
2 Small 4 Finger Pockets (10mm)
2 Medium 2 Finger Pockets
2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets

Beastmaker 1000 Series Fingerboard

North American Tulipwood

North American tulipwood is a very common, fast growing type of wood grows in the eastern United States. Beastmaker only use FSC certified tulipwood, meaning it's been responsibly and sustainably sourced. Beastmaker's factory also runs entirely on renewable energy and all their products are packaged with recycled cardboard, so you can feel really about buying from them!

10 product reviews

Average rating

Beastmaker 1000 Series Fingerboard
Based on 53 ratings

great tool

One of the Best wooden board for this pric ranged !

I always wanted a wood board for use in the house so I wouldn't have to use as much chalk and not have this ugly multi coloured composite thing hanging on my wall. Texture is incredible, almost too smooth. No strain on the fingers in any hold so far. Zero rough edges or splinters. Great variation of pockets although maybe slightly crowded, guess a compromise for how compact this unit is. The jugs are a perfect shoulder width apart. Barely notice it hanging up there with its beautiful finish and size. Super light weight and very easy to install. Would highly recommend for beginners to pros.

Great tool

The best features are the skin-friendly material (does not ruin you skin healing progress) and the excellent distribution of different hold types. I think that the BM 1000 is a more multifunctional training tool than the BM 2000 as it has jugs for pullups, abs and torso workouts, etc.
Although it has nothing to do with the board itself, I was surprised to see that there is no free access to the training application (c. GBP 3) after purchasing a fingerboard for GBP 89.


An awesome training tool !

Great product to build up the old finger strength.

Currently mounted in my dad's garage so I can do a bit of training when I'm there. The wood is great for the skin meaning I still have some to get out on the sandstone.

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