La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

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The La Sportiva Otaki is a versatile, all-round climbing shoe designed with support and edging performance for long sport climbing with an aggressive shape suited... Show more >
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La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

The La Sportiva Otaki is a versatile, all-round climbing shoe designed with support and edging performance for long sport climbing with an aggressive shape suited for bouldering.

A popular shoe in the shop, probably due to being built on the same last as the high-performance, overhanging and steepness lover, the Skwama, and, surprisingly for a stiff shoe, has a similar level of sensitivity. Unlike the Skwama, the Otaki features a much stiffer midsole and Vibram XS Edge rubber. With this increased foot support, inflexibility, and harder rubber, the Otaki will be much better for climbers on vertical routes with more edging. La Sportiva haven't taken away all technical performance though! To make this shoe a true all-rounder, they've included the S-Heel™, an "incompressible piece of rubber" that stabilises and controls heel hooks and blocks to keep you stuck onto the hold, as well as sectioned toe rubber. It also features the P3® rand system that maintains the powerful shape of the shoe over time! (Some shoes tend to stretch too much and so lose their performance-shape.)

The Otaki uses a microfibre / suede leather upper with linings in the front and back, so expect there to be some level of stretch in the shoe, but not too much. It's hard to predict with these types of uppers and linings, but it should be up to half a size. La Sportiva also recommend fitting this shoe on the looser side for a comfortable performance fit. And, if you want a slightly stiffer shoe, try the laced version, the Kataki.

Tech specs

Upper material
Suede Leather
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Blue / Flame
0.22 kg (Size 40 EU)
Sole material
Vibram XS Edge
Sole thickness
Front and Back Only


Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

Vibram XS Edge™

Rubber compound built for maximum performance on micro holds and extreme edging. This formula uses an improved plastic deformation resistance that ensures the utmost stability, rigidity, and support on footholds in hot or cold weather, as well as generally increasing durability.

Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

P3® Permanent Power Platform

After intensive abuse, downturned climbing shoes can start to lose their distinctive shape. La Sportiva’s P3 rand system prevents from this happening so your shoe maintains its powerful profile, permanently.

Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

Full Features List

• Patented S-Heel™ construction provides optimal heel hooking manoeuvrability and the perfect heel cup fit
• Laser-cut uppers reduce stitching and bulk

9 product reviews

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Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's
Based on 11 ratings
Great shoes, with one complaint

Let me start off by saying I really like these shoes - they are my go-to shoe for every session. That being said, I'm a gym-rat boulder enthousiast, climbing in the 6b+/7a range.
I bought these shoes on the small side (1 - 1.5 sizes down from sneakers) and they were initially tight, without any particular pressure points. Since (+- 5 months), they have broken in very nicely to the point where I can wear them for an entire session without discomfort. Visibly, they have not retained their downturn very well, however these still provide plenty of support. With good footwork, the shape of the toe can do wonders for your climbing.

Supportive and stiff midsole, good for edging, solid build, comfortable, yet aggressive shoe. Nice to look at.

The heelcup - if you are planning to heel hook anything small, look away from this shoe now.

Not amazing for smearing, but kind of works.

Comfortable, Supportive, Well-Rounded

A bit of a background first: I am a huge fan of La Sportiva shoes, having owned the Solution, Katana, TC Pro, and Nago all at some time. The Solution has always been my go-to projecting shoe, while the Katana was my (rather expensive) gym shoe. The Otaki is more like the Katana than other shoes, but the Otaki does everything the Katana does and more. The design of the heel is worlds better, the back of the shoe doesn't dig into my Achilles tendon, and the fit is slightly more aggressive without sacrificing any additional comfort. That says a lot when many people consider the Katana as one of the most comfortable, well-rounded shoes on the market!
I used the Otaki primarily for gym climbing, as well as climbing the limestone in Siurana. Let me just say: this shoe can EDGE! Even on the slick, featureless limestone, I was always able to find a nub to press off of and I don't recall having any trouble with feet slipping, even when climbing in such intense sunlight that my whole body was drenched in sweat.
The 4mm Edge rubber offers plenty of support, so I didn't find myself yanking the shoes off while resting on the rope like I might with other shoes. The velcro straps are very tough, but are low profile and never get in the way. The leather uppers around the toe have lasted up to my first resole, but I do worry that they may be the first integral part of the shoe to blow. Regardless, with the awesome deal I got on them thanks to EpicTV, I won't be kicking and screaming when it's finally time to retire them. I'll just use my store credit to snag another pair :D

Street Size: 43.5
Solution: 41.5 for performance
TC Pro: 42 for comfort/performance
Otaki: 42 for comfort/performance, but could easily fit 41.5.

Awesome shoe!

Had these for a while now. I use these for mainly training indoors on bouldering walls but no matter the difficulty they perform very well. Wasn't too sure on them at first but they got a little bit softer as a wore them, super comfy and now they are great for all round use. I've used these outdoors on hard boulders, sticking to tiny edges and then on the treadwall (super comfy). I'm not the kind of person to buy something twice, I always like to try new things and risk it, but I will buy these again for sure to use as a comfortable training and sport climbing shoe!! Great edging, heel is pretty bomb, toe hooks are surprisingly better than they seem and they keep their down turned shape well thanks to the P3. Great on overhangs but do well on slabs and vertical walls with no trouble at all. Got them in the same size as my solutions (43.5/9.5) and they fit ever so slightly bigger so they're much nicer to wear for longer sessions but without sacrificing that small edge performance. Overall amazing shoe. Buy them.

Excellent shoe

A well built solid shoe. I use these for sport climbing and bouldering both indoor and out. They are superb for heel hooks thanks to the s heel. They work wonders on overhangs thanks to the downturned toe but smearing is still good.

They took a good few weeks to stretch and wear in and still fit tightly. I wouldn't recommend for extended all day constant wear.

Excellent for edging and enables you to put a lot of power down through the toe.

Good substitute for Miura VS. New Edging master

This shoe behaves similar to a Miura Vs but has a better heel construction. It feels snug and works great on small placements. If you have been looking for sizing advice on the internet the general opinion is that it sizes just the same as Miura VS. Not in my opinion. I have 41,5 street shoe size and use miura VS 39,5 for bouldering and 40 for comfortable sport climbing. I bought these shoes at size 40 to substitute my sport climbing miura VS but otaki were quite more roomy on the toe box. I would say 39,5 otaki= 40 miura Vs. for other models of la sportiva, the comparison is not so obvious because the fit is quite different, but i use 39 Futura and they feel similar to me.
It is also worth noting that these shoes DO NEED to be warmed in cold days if you want to be able to put them without any pain. The velcro straps work quite well for adjusting plant and toe spaces but fail at adjusting the angle of the foot for overhangs ( something that Futuras do brilliantly).
This is an edging shoe which does the edging work for you, which means you need to adapt to it and develop a faith that it will stick on the holds due to the stiff and thick rubber. (not a con, but worth noting).
Overall, great shoe with excellent building quality.

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