Five Ten Hiangle Pro Climbing Shoe

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The Five Ten Hiangle Pro features a classic Hiangle design but with super sticky C4 rubber and no edge technology on the inside of the shoe for toe wrapping. Show more >
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Five Ten Hiangle Pro Climbing Shoe

The Hiangle Pro Climbing Shoe is a shoe that every climber looking to push their level either in competition climbing or steep hard bouldering and sport climbing will want to have. The Hiangle Pro features Five Ten's incredibly sticky and famous C4 rubber that is second to none when it comes to standing on slippery volumes, smearing or standing on tiny polished edges whether that's in the climbing gym or on the rock.

The edges of the shoe are 3.5mm thick which goes into a 2.1mm thickness at the wrap around that blends into the toe rubber, this thickness gives the shoe the perfect mix between great durability and sensitivity which is great for finding the perfect part of that tiny edge you have to stand on. The heel on the Hiangle Pro is rounder than the heel on the regular Hiangle which sucks your heel into the shoe and prevents any slips when you're doing really tenuous heel hooks. The heel is also completely covered in rubber so you can get maximum rubber contact to the rock.

The upper on these shoes is an unlined microfibre build which helps it to keep its shape over the shoes life and has minimal stretch for a great fit. They are extremely downturned which is great for steep climbing, it allows you to hook onto the foothold better keeping your body into the wall saving energy and power, they are also quite soft which makes them great at smearing and standing on those very slippery volumes.

All these features make for a very impressive shoe that is built to excel at competition climbing and steep sport climbing and bouldering.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
0.45 kg (Size 40 EU)
Sole material
Stealth C4 Rubber
Sole thickness


Hiangle Pro Climbing Shoe

Stealth® C4™ Rubber

A high-friction rubber used on the majority of Five Ten’s shoes due of its all-round performance and versatility. Five Ten first debuted this rubber on the original approach shoe, the Five Tennie, in 1985, and since then Stealth rubber has always been developed by Five Ten themselves in direct conjunction with their shoes, unlike other shoe manufacturers who outsource their rubber. The result is a rubber that works with your shoe harmoniously.

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Hiangle Pro Climbing Shoe
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Awesome shoes

They fit my feet very well like wearing a rubber socks.

So close to the og 5.10 teams

Great indoor shoe, and its very close to the og team 5.10s. Getting used to the wrap around edge takes a couple of sessions but it feels good once you learn how to climb in the shoe. The shoes does stretch about a half size. Street shoe I wear 10.5 and I use to wear 9.5 in the old hiangles and thus I got 9.5 in these, which is pretty spot on for a training shoe fit, if i were to compete in these id probably bag my feet and squeeze into a 9. Only complaint is the lack of heel, it fits well but there's no back bar like the old hiangles/teams, and they just feel less precise, and thin, kinda similar to the lime green 5.10 teams. I think if they made the heel a little better this would be a great shoe, instead its just a good shoe. Will probably stick with this shoe for the next little while for indoor climbing regardless.

Great shoe

These are my first five ten shoes and I love them from the colour to the fit and performance, they are great on the competition circuit at my local venue

Team 2.0?

Same fit/footbox feel as the hiangle, but significantly softer build and glove-like fit on the heel. Feels like a modern incarnation of the Team 5.10 shoe!

Favorite gym shoe so far

The Hiangle Pro is my second pair of five ten ever and I am not disappointed, my first being the Aleon. So I have no refence to compare the original hiangle vs the new hiangle pro nor can I compare the new hiangle vs the hiangle pro.


The hiangle pro is a very sensitive shoe. The stealth C4 is really grippy. Even tho the Aleon also has C4 rubber, I found myself having an easier time smearing with the hiangle pro than the Aleon. It feels more grippy for some reasons. Toe hooking with the hiangle pro is effortless, you can just throw your foot and you know it will stick. The heel design is really nice, it being the same thickness everywhere, you can roll around your heel while heel hooking without getting pushed off the hold. I have a really small heel, so the heel cup design is a bit baggy for my taste, but since it's a sensitive heel, I can always feel whatever hold my heel is on. I never had issues falling off a hold because I couldn't feel it. The ''inside edge'' that blends into the toe patch is a really nice feature. going from a heel hook to a toe hook is really easy thanks to that feature.


I have a really small and narrow foot so I have an air pocket at the top (I'm guessing due to my low profile foot). At the time of the review (about 6 sessions of climbing) the shoe is still somewhat hard to get in. I have to pull really hard to get my heel in, but once it's in, it feels really secure. The inner layer of the shoe tends to fold in when you put your shoes on. Having to unfold that layer every time you want to put your shoes on, even when you just remove your heel, gets annoying pretty fast. The shoe is really soft, so standing on small holds for a long period of time is painful.


I'm really satisfied with the Hiangle pro,
The pros definitely outweigh the cons. The shoe was made for the comp style bouldering. The toe box is really pointy and narrow, so it might not fit every style of foot. I don't know if I just became numb to the pain, but the shoe broke in after just 2-3 sessions. For reference, my Aleon's took 10-12 sessions to be comfortable. The design of the shoe is really aesthetically pleasing. It has streamline and elegant design, really modern looking. I'm giving it a 4/5 because I wish they made a low volume version.

My street size is 41 and my hiangle pro's are 40, but I like my toes to be crimped up so I recommend getting street size for most people.

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