Climbing pants will be the piece of clothing you wear every session, so it's important to choose whether you need comfort, durability, or weather protection. We stock all kinds of different pants, from sustainable options from prAna, classically durable and reliable pants from Black Diamond, unique and Italian-style pants from E9, and many more.

  • Continuum Pant
    1 review
    The prAna Continuum Pant is a 98% organic cotton stretch pant featuring a free-range gusset and cinch belt system allowing a complete range of motion that adapts...
    From £59.94
  • -30%
    Moon, Cypher Pants, 2015, Trousers
    Moon's Cypher climbing pants have had an update after some helpful customer feedback. Now designed to be even more functional, they're made from a durable, abrasion...
  • -30%
    Moon, Samurai Pant, 2015, Trousers
    The Moon Samurai Pants are designed for warm-weather climbing, training and sweaty gym sessions. Built with a roomy fit, comfy elasticated waist and an articulated...
    From £45.95
  • -30%
    Designed with climbers in mind the Zenith pant from ABK provides freedom of movement for tricky routes. Light Cotton (98%) combined with LYCRA (2%) gives the perfect...
  • -46%
    Salewa Chaxi Raxi Pant
    Soft, stretchable and breathable pant for climbers and boulderers. With its articulated knee design, the Chaxi Raxi 2 Cotton Pant from salewa delivers maximum freedom...
  • -29%
    Zenith Pant
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    Easy to move in, comfortable and stylish to boot, ABK made the Zenith V2 Trousers for all your climbing and lifestyle needs. The articulated fit and elasticated...
  • -17%
    Cypher Climbing Pant Dark Olive
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    The Moon Cypher Pants now come with stretch! Specifically designed for bouldering, outdoor climbing and the climbing wall when needs must, Moon has made the Cypher...
    From £48.91
  • -31%
    Frea Hubble Pants
    The Salewa Frea Hubble Pants are rough and ready climbing trousers made form stretchy and durable organic cotton, with polyester dobby reinforcements. Featuring...
  • -25%
    Zander Pants 2016, trousers, zander pants
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    The PrAna Zander Pants are comfortable organic cotton climbing trousers that are great for bouldering, gym climbing and pretty much everything else. The PrAna Zander...
    From £52.36
  • -25%
    Rab Capstone Climbing Pants, climbing trousers, sumer climbing trousers, buy rab clothing online uk, rab online retailers
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    Redesigned for 2016, the Rab Capstone Pants are mid-weight climbing trousers designed for wearing at the climbing wall, bouldering and sport climbing. The Rab Capstone...
    From £52.39
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    Rab Oblique Climbing Pants Rab Oblique climbing trousers, buy rab online, rab online retailers, best climbig trousers, climbing
    1 review
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    The Rab Oblique Pants are lightweight stretch cotton climbing trousers that are ideal for bouldering and gym climbing. The Rab Oblique Pants feature a partly elasticated...
  • -30%
    Mono Pant, Pant, Trousers, Outdoor, Sports
    Marmot’s Mono Pant guarantees a breathable and robust fabric which supplies great comfort and flexibility, ideal for aerobic and flexible outdoor activities in ...
  • -30%
    Echo Rock Pant
    Marmot’s Echo Rock Pant supplies an abrasive durable material, its stretch-ability and nylon/cotton blend ensuring a comfortable multi-pitch from beginning to end...
  • -61%
    Black Canyon Pants
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    Charko’s answer to durable urban climbing trousers comes in the form of the Black Canyon Pants; made from a hard-wearing blend of cotton and elastane, they’re nice...
  • -26%
    ABK Zenith V2 3/4 Pants 2017 for rock climbing and mountaineering
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    The ABK ¾ length Zenith Pant is a cropped version of the Zenith V2 pant but are just as bold, durable, and versatile .The ABK ¾ length Zenith Pant is lightweight...
    From £42.57
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    Black Diamond Credo Pants 2017 rock climbing and bouldering trousers
    1 review
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    The Black Diamond Credo Pants are ideal for long, strenuous days of climbing or bouldering when ease of mobility is essential. Stretchier, more durable, and more...
  • Salewa Frea Dobby Pants 2017 Eclipse rock climbing sport bouldering trousers
    Video review available
    The Salewa Frea Dobby Pants are a durable and stretchy climbing pant ideal for rough and technical bouldering and sport climbing. The Salewa Frea Dobby Pants feature...
  • -26%
    Venga Rock Pants , Climbing Trousers, Climbing Pants
    The Patagonia Venga Rock Pants are the ultimate climbing trousers for many different styles and types of climbing. The Patagonia Venga Rock Pants are made from ...
  • -28%
    prAna Stretch Zion Pant 2017, climbing trousers, bouldering pants
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    The prAna Stretch Zion Pants are designed to take on your toughest demands, with action-packed durability to get you through all of your climbing and outdoor endeavours...
  • E9 Paco Pant, climbing trouser, bouldering pants
    Video review available
    The E9 Paco Pant is a fine example of a rather smart climbing or bouldering pant. The E9 Paco Pant have a classic, high quality finish, mostly made of cotton and...
  • Hop Pant 2017, climbing pants, climbing trousers
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    The E9 Hop Pant is a great option for your climbing and bouldering routes. The E9 Hop Pant is a roomy and airy trouser with lots of pockets to keep your gum, change...
  • Blat 1 VS Pant 2017, climbing pant, climbing trouser, bouldering pant
    Video review available
    The E9 Blat VS 1 Pant is a smart, versatile, high quality climbing trouser. The E9 Blat VS 1 Pant isideal for many types of climbing, and have been designed for...
  • Climbing Pants
    The Looking For Wild Climbing Pants provide comfort, durability, and an incredible feeling of lightness, and are designed specifically for total freedom of movement...


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