Edelrid is, essentially, the brand that's responsible for the most important climbing equipment that you use today. Whilst the Italians were still making ropes made of hemp and the US and France nylon ropes, the Germans in 1953, in true modernist fashion, formulated an entirely new solution: the kernmantel rope, or the first rope to be made with an interior core protected by a woven exterior sheath, leaving every other brand in their dust. As if revolutionising fall protection once was not enough it again not once, Edlerid then introduced the first dynamic rope in 1964, and then (yes, another!) the first climbing harness in 1965. Now over 150 years old, the company has adhered to its German typicalities and focussed on their respect for the environment - although we're not complaining. Every Edelrid rope you buy is bluesign® certified, meaning that Edelrid has taken measures in their production process to cause the least possible impact to the environment. True innovation, Edelrid is the original manufacturer of the best ropes ever made.