Five Ten

Five Ten, named for the Yoemite rock climbing grade "5.10", finds its roots back in 1985 when Charles Cole in a stroke of dirtbag-genius decided to stick the rubber of a climbing shoe on trainer, creating the first ever approach shoe - the Five Tennie. Five Ten would then go on to produce more rock climbing shoes and approach shoes, inventing the iconic Stealth C4 rubber that, over its lifetime, has been called the "stickiest rubber ever" by Climbing Magazine, as well as designing the first shoe with downturn for steeper problems, producing the first ever women's shoe, the "Diamond", and being the rubber under the feet of many climbers as they establish the hardest sport climbing and bouldering in the world. If it's all-round performance your after, then opt for a shoe with C4. However, if you're looking for absolute friction and sensitivity, Five Ten have now made the Team VXI and Aescent Approach Shoe with their new Mi6 rubber. Funnily enough, this wasn't designed for rock; it was designed for Tom Cruise to scale a glass building in in Mission Impossible! Maybe don't try that yourself, though.