Psychi Tri Fold Bouldering Mat

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Psychi Tri Fold Bouldering Mat

The Psychi Tri Fold Bouldering Mat features a large surface area to provide the maximum amount of coverage under high ball problems and steep, long routes. The dual density foam cushions hard landings and the hard-wearing material protects against rips and tears. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, ideal for a pad as big as this one. Our side velcro straps allow you to connect two Psychi pads together to give you a wider surface area of protection.

Tech specs

OPEN 180cm x 110cm x 12.5cm
FOLDED60cm x 110cm x 37.5cm


Tri Fold Bouldering Mat


• Can be attached to other Psychi boulder pads with velcro connectors to avoid gaps in the pad and better protect climbers.
• Comes with padded backpack style carry straps and secured with aircraft grade aluminium buckles.
• Ideal for all bouldering including high ball problems.

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Tri Fold Bouldering Mat
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Own this shit, like now!!! really order this pad now!!!

Well where to start!!!
Im not trying to win the "cash pirce" for best review but I hope I will.

So this is my view, I sent 3 mouths looking for what pad to get. What size, what brand, how does it preforms, who uses it and so on.... And then I just said "F" it and got this pad. I and I will tell you why. (just joking getting this pad what a very calculatade desiton)

But this was my process....

I hate the idéa of falling on rocks and me being a single pad user don't want a pad small enough for a pug to use (the dog). I want something that I really can crash on. And so it need to cover a a lot of ground. And what I found is this pad is GREAT to fall on, good foam and you velcro it so that rocks doesn't come between the foam crack. So yea its a awesome pad for a price that will make you want to order two of them.

But wait there is more. Well this is how I use my pad when I am not falling upon it. Its a bed in my car (combi) its 180 x 110 cm and I am snug as a bug with my sleeping bag.

There is more....
It´s a chair, the people at Pshychi has put some thought to it. If you unless the compression straps you get a 2 person sofa or one pregnet lady as in my case. That get to enjoy the view in comfort while we where lead climbing.

If thats not enought to get this pad the god damn sofa turns into a schäslong.... I know mind "MF" blown...

And guess what it doesnt weight that much and the carry system is great.

(please epic tv, This is my honest opinion but I want to win so I can buy a helm)

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