Le Pirate Belay Glasses Model 2

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A great pair of belay glasses with good value for money. Can't go wrong really. Available in Basalt, Stanage, or Siurana (black, grey, or yellow). Show more >
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Le Pirate Belay Glasses Model 2

The Le Pirate Belay Glasses Model 2 are great value belay glasses for sport climbers seeking a cheaper yet still good quality alternative. The Le Pirate Belay Glasses come complete with a carry case, cloth, and cord, and a carabiner to attach it to a harness. The Model 2 features an improved design which allows your head to sit in a more relaxed position and ensures you can see more of what happens in your peripherals.

Tech specs



Belay Glasses Model 2


• Improved vertical viewing angle
• Greater vision of the environment
• Sturdy, light and flexible plastic frame
• Quality prisms
• Case with carabiner, cord and cloth included

7 product reviews

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Belay Glasses Model 2
Based on 9 ratings
Very good product. Good looking and comfortable

Very good product. Good looking and comfortable

Very good value

The glasses do their job well, the price is very good, they are not very comfortable on the nose nor on the ears because of the cheap frame. 4 stars

I do not understand

I do not understand the other good reviews of these glasses. They are not working at all for me, I get all kinds of weird reflections and the field of view is very limited. It could maybe be that they sit to high on my nose but if so they are very sensitive of the position. This is not my first pair of glasses so I know how it can be. I lost my last one and wanted to buy some cheap, but these are going to the bin! :(

Great value

These are pretty much perfect belay glasses. Great vision and peripherals, lightweight, comes with hard and soft case for protection and a wipe for any chalk or dirt collected and at a price that cannot be beaten anywhere. The only improvement I could find is softer nose piece but honestly it’s really not a big deal to say how much it saves your neck. Totally worth it and I can’t see why I’d ever need to upgrade to a more expensive pair.

Great value belay glasses! Excellent

These glasses are exactly what I needed. There are some, more expensive, belay glasses but these do the job just fine! The prisms are very clear and there is still enough peripheral vision to have situational awareness to what is going on around you. The glasses come in a hard case with carabiner, a soft case baggy, and with a wipe cloth to take away any accidental smudge marks from the gym or crag. The glasses sit very light on the nose, so there is no worry of fatigue. Save your neck and get a pair of these glasses!

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