Edelrid Mega Jul Sport Belay Kit Steel Triple

Both made from stainless steel: an extremely durable assisted-braking device belay set up. Show more >
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Edelrid Mega Jul Sport Belay Kit Steel Triple

The Edelrid Mega Jul Sport Belay Kit Steel Triple consists of the Mega Jul Sport assisted-braking device and a HMS Steel Triple carabiner. The Mega Jul Sport has been adapted to sport climbing, making it smoother and faster without losing braking efficiency, and the HMS Steel Triple features a three-twist locking mechanism that's easy to use, faster than normal screw locks, and reduces the chance of human error. Both belay device and carabiner are made from steel, making this belay kit extremely durable.

Constantly working projects puts a lot of strain on your belay set up. The HMS Steel 'biner will survive much longer than aluminium alternatives, and because the Mega Jul is so compact, its steel construction is not heavier than a regular aluminium belay device. All in all a belay kit that will last for years to come.

Tech specs

WEIGHT222g - 88 g (Mega Jul) + 134 g (HMS Steel)


Mega Jul Sport Belay Kit Steel Triple


• Lightweight assisted-braking device for belaying a leader or abseiling
• Steel carabiner is extremely durable
• Robust stainless steel construction with minimal weight due to optimal design and intelligent use of materials
• High-braking performance assists belayer with leader falls
• Rope can be paid out faster to the leader by holding device in the "open" position with the thumb
• Can be used in standard mode when rapelling or in autolocking mode with the thumb hook

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Mega Jul Sport Belay Kit Steel Triple
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